Air test with scent diffuser present.

Below is a brief air test summary on a site with a scent diffuser:

Air quality was Normal/breathable during initial testing and Air Pollution Level (APL) readings were 10, after 72 hours the air had over 50% reduction in PPM, the Air Pollution Level (APL) readings were 3. and humidity levels increased slightly. User wanted to test the impact of their “ scent Diffuser” on the air quality, testing was repeating with diffuser operating and air quality dropped significantly as shown. Tests were then taken directly on the air exiting the LACS filter to gauge roughly how much of the pollutants put in the air from the diffuser were being removed. Results showed a single pass through the LACS filter balanced CO2 levels to normal, eliminated formaldehydes to zero, and elimated 81.91%. if incoming airborne Particulates Per Meter.

The small LACS purifiers was able to balance out the negative air impacts of the scent diffuser. The customer who was receiving the air test was shocked to see that the diffuser was having a negative impact on over all air quality. Despite the fact it was producing a nice smell, the increased presence of particulates and formaldehyde's was presenting health risks. The client still enjoys the diffuser, so now they just make sure to have a LACS purifier operating in the same room as the diffuser to balance out any negative effects.

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