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The New Technology: Organic Air Filtration

Organic air purification is quickly becoming the standard to maintaining healthy breathing conditions indoors. Compared to other systems, organic air purification offers far more air benefits and they are environmentally sustainable since they don't produce waste for landfills. Until recently, the main method of removing indoor air pollutants was to mechanically trap them in a filter using forced ventilation. This process is flawed as all filters lose efficiency as they fill with particles to the point where they provide no benefit at all.

The Old Technology: Hepa Filters

Filter-based products like HEPA purifiers only clean the air if you regularly purchase and replace the filter. Additionally, they cannot be recycled and consume valuable resources that produce more waste in our landfills. HEPA purification offers its manufacturers impressive recurring revenue, but it doesn't offer users any recurring value.

The New Technology: Organic Air Filtration

Organic air purification methods are improving and now offer more air benefits than the best HEPA filters on the market. Scientists have been aware of the benefits certain plants and organisms have on our air quality for years.

However, until recently, the volume of plants needed to maintain healthy breathing conditions indoors was too large to offer practical applications. Thanks to recent innovations in bio-filtration processes, organic air purification efficiency has improved to the point that it is now our most sustainable form of air purification to date.

The Benefits of Organic Air Purifiers

Organic air purifiers do more than just clean the air, they restore oxygen and C02 levels making it easier to breathe. They also contribute to ambient air humidity which helps with a dry nose and mouth. there is also a long list of proven mental and physical benefits to being in close proximity to plants. Plus the lighting systems used to grow the plants have been shown to increase Vitamin D3 production in human skin, the benefits are endless!

Where are organic air purifiers available?

Based in Caledon, Ontario, Brighter Future Homes Ltd manufactures high-efficiency organic air purifiers for the USA & Canada. They currently have two sizes of portable organic air purifiers that are visually attractive and double as an excellent social distancing tool for businesses during the pandemic.

If you live in the Kitchener/ Waterloo area you can purchase some of these amazing purifiers and ongoing maintenance packages through Delta Air Systems. For areas outside Kitchener/ Waterloo contact Brighter Future Homes Ltd directly or contact your local HVAC sales and service provider to find out how you can purchase our organic air purifiers.


Living Atmosphere Control Systems (LACS) is the first air cleaning system in the world that simultaneously increases oxygen levels, lowers CO2 levels, balances air humidity, and filters harmful particles without the use of replaceable filters. This truly sustainable technology offers more air benefits than HEPA filtration and costs less to install and operate.

Learn more about LACS here.


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