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Living Atmosphere Control Systems (LACS) is the first air cleaning system in the world that simultaneously increases oxygen levels, lowers CO2 levels, balances air humidity, and filters harmful particles without the use of replaceable filters. This truly sustainable technology offers more air benefits than HEPA filtration and costs less to install and operate. Every air filter we make is equipped with our LACS organic technology. 


LACS is Patented in USA and Canada.

Our Products

Small Organic Purifier 

Size: L 18 ¾” X W 18 ¾” X  H 24 ½” 

Plant Cell Capacity: 9 cells

Air Flow Capacity: 52 Cubic feet per min

Sound Level: 23 DB 

Area of Effect: 800 cubic feet/ 16 mins 

Material: Plywood

Medium Organic Purifier 

Size: L 18 ¾” X W 18 ¾” X  H 24 ½” 

Plant Cell Capacity: 14 cells

Air Flow Capacity: 52 Cubic feet per min

Sound Level: 23 DB 

Area of Effect: 900 cubic feet/ 16 mins 

Material: Plywood



Brighter Future Homes currently offers three payment options to fit all needs; including a full upfront payment of units, rent-to-own units, and three-month trial units. Monthly plans for ongoing air testing and on-site air purifier maintenance are also available. 

From The Blog

Breathe the difference:

 Living in clean air, free of pollution has proven to reduce the severity and length of respiratory illnesses. Breathing clean air is the best way to keep your lungs healthy.  

See the difference:

Spending time in close proximity to living plants has proven mental and physical health benefits. Especially during cold and dry winter months. 

Feel the Difference:

The use of LED grow lighting increases vitamin d3 production in human skin which helps reduce symptoms of SAD and SBS during winter months.

What Customers Are Saying

"Our office was lucky enough to use Brighter Future Homes Organic Purifier’s.  After a few days the air felt cleaner and lighter, after a week  I didn’t feel tired in the afternoons and I could breathe better. Not only could I breathe better but the units are aesthetically pleasing as well. They are a welcome fixture in our office with beauty and function. I cannot thank Brad enough for improving our air quality in our office."


– Lisa Thompson, DBOT


"I love the plants and everything they are doing for our air at this gym. With everything that’s going on in our world right now with COVID, the best guarantee we can get is clean air.  Also, such great and informative staff, I love the customer service and the knowledge i’ve obtained from this. Thank you so much for helping us and giving a better breathing lifestyle lol! 

I rate it a 10/10."

- Shai-Anne, LA Fitness 

“There are a ton of amazing things to say about these plants, but words do not do them justice! Within a few days you can feel the difference from these plants. When you work 8 hours a day with no windows to open for fresh air, the day can drag on and make you feel very sleepy. These indoor planters make SUCH a difference with mood, sleep, awakeness while working! I loved them so much at work I just had to get one for my own home! 10/10 recommend for all businesses and homes!” 


- Jordan Wood, Delta Air

Tropical Leaves

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